Bobby Valentine and Boston Red Sox Are Last in the AL East

By Paul Mroczka

It is official the Boston Red Sox led by manager Bobby Valentine are last in the AL East. The Red Sox have plummeted and Valentine has been one hot mess since the All Star Break. Now they have reached a new low. Here’s a look at where they are and some choices the Red Sox have for the rest of the season.

The Red Sox started Daisuke Matsuzaka (1-5) on Saturday in a rain-delayed game against the then last place Toronto Blue Jays. Valentine pulled Dice-K lasted with one out in the second inning, as the starter gave up 5 runs on 5 hits, including a homerun. Boston managed to get 6 hits and score 2 runs, while the Blue Jays notched 11 hits and scored 9 runs. With that Boston replaced Toronto as the last place club in the AL East.

Where are the Red Sox and Valentine now? They sit 15.5 games out of first and the Wild Card; in the league, they are 20.5 games away from the AL’s best club, the Texas Rangers. In their last 30 games they are 8-22 and in their last 11 they are 1-10. It is a sad story. The question is can the franchise do anything to make the 2012 MLB season in any way positive?

There are 22 games left in the season. Here are some suggestions. The first one is to suspend or fire Bobby Valentine and replace him with bench coach Tim Bogar (pictured above). Bogar has been with Boston as a coach since 2009. This is his first season as bench coach. He came from the 2008 AL Championship Tampa Bay Rays where he served as quality assurance coach. The Red Sox players know him, he’s managed on the minor league level and he’s a MLB coaching vet.

Boston should work towards playing the spoiler. They have 6 more games against the New York Yankees. Wouldn’t it be a great season (okay, a season with something positive) if they knocked the Yankees out of the playoffs? Hey, it’s something.

Play the new guys as much as possible. But use them wisely. Don’t give up on winning. People are still coming to the ballpark and you owe it to them to do your best to win. It would be fantastic to see this team run off a string of wins.

The Boston Red Sox are a shambles that is true. But they don’t have to be. It’d be great if they could make something positive out of their 2012 MLB season.

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