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Detroit Tigers: With Every Loss the Tigers are Nearing the End

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It stinks when you have to face cold hard reality. But the reality of the Detroit Tigers season is coming to the end, is a true, but harsh reality.

Right from the start of the 2012 season, expectations were enormously high for the Tigers to once repeat as victors of the AL Central. In 2011 no one was within 10 games of the division lead, and with the addition of Prince Fielder, it seemed like no one else in the central should show up to play.

But 2012 hasn’t been the fairy tale season people expected it to be. The Tigers aren’t running away with the division, and on pace for a World Series run. Right now the Tigers are a few losses away from being just a group of guys watching the playoffs on TV in October.

After being swept in Los Angeles by the Angels, the Tigers travel to Chicago for the biggest four game series of the year. The Chicago White Sox hold a two game lead in the AL Central. Like last week, the Tigers are in position take perhaps overtake the White Sox for first place.

The last two times these two teams have faced off, the White Sox have found themselves on the losing side all six games. But the last two times these two teams have played was a Comerica Park. Both teams play great at home (White Sox:41-28, Tigers: 43-28). But neither team plays well on the road (White Sox: 34-35, Tigers: 30-38)

If the Tigers do not take three of four games from the White Sox, their season could very well be over. It is going to be a challenge. The White Sox have two of their four best pitchers pitching in this series. And as stated with the Tigers road road woes this season, winning this series is going to be like trying to win a playoff series.

If the Tigers fail to win three of four, they could find themselves as far as six games back of the central lead if they get swept.

After the White Sox, the Tigers have to face the Cleveland Indians who they are 6-9 against. Then the Oakland A’s (2-2 against the A’s), followed by the Minnesota Twins (7-5 against them); then the Kansas City Royals (7-4). Then it’s the Twins and back to Kansas City to end the season.

Although the Tigers have winning records against two of the last four teams they play to end the year, the records don’t the truth. The last time the Royals and Tigers played the Tigers got swept, and the Twins have provided problems as well.

With the Tigers inability to win one run games, and failing to win nearly every time the White Sox lose, the end maybe coming near for their playoff hopes.

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