MetsFansRants Notes: Zack Wheeler Part of Mets Future, Larry Jones Part of Past

By Craig Moir

Yesterday, amid a tornado some fifteen miles away a couple hours before the game against the Atlanta Braves, the New York Mets had another tornado to deal with on the field.  Kris Medlen, suddenly the Braves ace, made this offense look absolutely incompetent until Lucas Duda finally broke through in the fourth inning with an RBI single. Here are a couple side notes for September 9th and glancing ahead:

  • The Mets pitching has been nothing short of superb this year.  Forget about a couple of blowouts they’ve allowed.  Anyone that believes this starting pitching staff is not going to be one of the best looking ahead, they have not been paying close attention.  The offense, however, has been incredibly inadequate and has been the sole reason for the Mets bumbling this second half.  Yes, the Mets bullpen has blown up at times, but that was more predominant when Frank Francisco was out and they were stretched thin.  With a viable closer, all other slots fall better in place for Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson.
  • Today, Chris Young is hoping to prevent the Braves from sweeping the Mets in Larry Jones’ final trip to CitiField, and why wouldn’t that be a fitting end to his career.  Jones has done nothing but own the Mets for the better part of two decades worth of baseball and  would love nothing more than to take the Mets parting gift, sweep them, then go to the pub that changed its’ name to honor him and have a beer.  Jones is a great player, but as a fan, I can’t wait till he’s retired.
  • Zack Wheeler wants to win a spot on the starting staff out of spring training.  I can say that anything can happen, but it is unlikely.  Wheeler’s “stuff” is electric and projects better than Matt Harvey, but he needs to mature and command his tools better.  I look for him to join the team somewhere in August or September when he will then show that he belongs.
I’ve said it before and I will reiterate it once again.  The New York Mets are actually very close to winning and winning soon, contrary to popular belief. With the addition of two major league outfielders that can hit for power and average, the Mets can make a run with this pitching staff.  It will be very interesting to see if the Mets will make the necessary adjustments in the offseason.  I do expect that we will have to wait until 2014.
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