Orioles Fans Remember Jeffrey Maier, Do Yankees Fans?

By Scott Taylor

Last night was an eventful night or the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees. They are again tied atop the AL East, Nick Markakis broke his hand (out 6 weeks), and the game ended on a controversial call at first base.

Let me make this perfectly clear, umpire Jerry Meals blew the call at first base. Mark Teixeira slide into first base and was clearly safe. He beat the throw. The call was missed and the game was over.

Teixeira, Joe Girardi, and the Yankees are understandably upset. However, let’s put this in perspective. For the most part, I think umpires do a pretty good job. They will however make some horrible calls throughout a season. Calls like the one last night happen multiple times a year. However, they don’t usually happen to the Yankees. Welcome to the club.

I’m not even going to bother getting into the instant replay argument. What I think is laughable is that Yankees president Randy Levine was going to hold a conference call last night about how instant replay needs to happen in baseball. Stop the presses! Now that the Yankees have been screwed by a bad call, baseball better get instant replay immediately. This can’t happen to the Yankees (note the sarcasm).

I also think the Yankees and their fans need to remember even if the call was correct, the game was far from over. If the call was made correctly, the game would be tied. A lot coud have happened after that call, like the Orioles coming up in the bottom of the 9th and winning the game.

How soon the Yankees and their fans forget. The Orioles got screwed over by an umpires call and a twelve-year-old Jeffrey Maier in Game 1 of the AL Championship Series in 1996. Not only was that a blown call, but a Yankees fan interfered in the game. It was also in an even more important time of the season (AL Championship Series).

Where the Yankees and their fans become hypocrites in this blown call argument is that it was in 1996 that Yankees fans celebrated a blown call that was done in their favor.The New York Daily News got Maier seats behind the Yankees dugout later in the postseason and maybe the biggest Yankees fan of all, New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani gave Maier the key to the city! Let’s be honest Yankees fans, you loved the fact that you got the best of a blown call. Yankees fans celebrated Maier and the entired incident.

Karma is…well a jerk. Yankee fans your team got screwed. You have every right to be angry, but when you complain make sure you remember when you were on the other side. Don’t look now but the Orioles, Yankees rivalry is heating up!

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