Chicago White Sox Face Huge Test Against Detroit Tigers

By Riley Schmitt
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The Chicago White Sox are holding on to a two game lead in the AL Central and it still mystifies a lot of people. That lead will be put to the test over the next four days as the Detroit Tigers are in town for a series that might determine the entire division.

For all intents and purposes, the Tigers should be leading the division.  They have more talent on paper, but it is a good thing that paper does not win ball games.  They have issues that the White Sox simply do not have at this current time.

The White Sox do a good to great job of fielding the ball and not giving up extra runs or bases.  The Tigers, on the other hand, really do not have that advantage.  Their defense simply is not good enough to dominate for stretches of time.  That could end up being their downfall.

The one big advantage that the Tigers have comes in the form of their pitching staff.   They are simply better than what the Sox can throw out there.  Plus, the Sox have some sort of mental block against the Tigers for whatever reason.

The biggest matchup in this four game set comes on Thursday.  If I can not interest you in a duel between Justin Verlander and Chris Sale, then I really can not interest you in baseball.  These two have dueled once before with Verlander coming out on top.

If you love tight division races, this series is the one for you.  If you can’t stand a race like this, why exactly are you watching baseball?

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