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MLB Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox Move Francisco Liriano To The Bullpen

With Gavin Floyd about ready to return, the Chicago White Sox have decided to move struggling left hander Francisco Liriano to the bullpen. I’m a little skeptical about the move because I believe Gavin Floyd’s elbow is pretty iffy, and Liriano has the ability to throw shut out baseball every time he takes the mound.

With that being said, the White Sox are in the postseason hunt, and they’ll need ALL their pitchers (starting and relievers) will need to step up if they want to hold off the surging Detroit Tigers.

A big problem I’ve had with the White Sox this year has been their inconsistency on both sides of the baseball. Sometimes they look like a world series contender, but yet they continue to struggle against the Kansas City Royals. Why is that? If the White Sox want to be that world series contender, they’re going to need to step up their game a little bit- and it’s going to fall on the arm of Gavin Floyd as he’s going to be expected to anchor the rotation.

If the Chicago White Sox continue to pitch the way they’ve shown this year, I strongly believe they’ll be a playoff team. If they don’t? They won’t.

Robin Ventura is going to have to get a little more out of Gavin Floyd with this decision. Francisco Liriano is not going to take this lightly, and one bad start could mean Ventura flips the 2 again.

Although, if you were left handed, would you wanna face Liriano in a big situation? I wouldn’t. So maybe this move will end up working out very well for the White Sox.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE