MLB Rumors: Miami Marlins Interested In White Sox Third Basemen Kevin Youkilis?

By gilgerard
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Marlins traded away their third basemen this year, Hanley Ramirez. They also traded top third basemen prospect Matt Dominguez to the Houston Astros, so needless to say? The Marlins don’t have a third basemen of the future right now. All signs point to the Marlins being interested in adding a 3B by trade, or by free agency. The name that keeps coming to my mind? Kevin Youkilis.

The Chicago White Sox traded virtually nothing to get Youkilis from the Boston Red Sox, so I have a hard time thinking they’ll pick up his expensive team option. Which is why Kevin Youkilis could be huge for MLB Rumors this winter because he can sure hit still.

An argument against the Marlins going after Youkilis? They spent all this money in the offseason, and it virtually failed on every platform you think of. Why would they go out and get an older third basemen at a deal where they likely will lose on? Youkilis is getting older, and he does have some injury concerns so I’m not sure the Marlins would want to get in with Youkilis personally.

The Marlins have a lot of work to do, and I’m not sold on them as being a contender for awhile. They need another top of the rotation arm, they do need to add a first baseman, and they need a catcher. I’m not sure spending 10 million over 3 years is worth it for Youkilis, but the problem with the Marlins is that they’re highly unpredictable in what they want to do from year in and year out. We’ll see where the Marlins take us this winter.

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