MLB Rumors: Will the Chicago Cubs Fire Dale Sveum?

By gilgerard



The Chicago Cubs have been brutal this year. That can’t be denied as all you have to do is look at the MLB Standings to figure it out. As a Cubs fan, there were no expectations on this campaign as it was evident what the management  team was going to do, but I expected at least a little growth from the young kids. I expected new manager Dale Svuem to set a tone and help the kids learn how to play. Well, Dale Sveum has been incredibly bad this year in a lot of different ways, and I would not be surprised and would even support any MLB Rumors out there that suggest the Cubs will look to fire Svuem at some point.

Why would the Cubs fire a new manager? Well, Sveum has been awful when you talk about how he’s handled Starlin Castro. He hsn’t seemed to relate to the young shortstop on the field, and has been insanely critical of him through the media which is totally unacceptable. He’s been screwing around with Castro’s approach at the plate as Sveum is the only one in the world to not figure out Castro is a perfect 2 hitter for this club. I’ve seen little to no growth with the young kids, and the Cubs continue to make some high school mistakes against big league teams.

My biggest complain, I believe, is how Sveum handles the pitching staff. The Cubs staff (1-12) is as bad as I’ve ever seen. I believe it’s due to the lack of attack, but that’s just me. The Cubs rotation seems to be scared of attacking hitters and continue to fall behind in the count, leading to a lot of “power counts” for the offense. That can’t happen, and I’m a huge critic of that.

Look- if Sveum wants to be a big league manager, he has to be able to figure out what kind of manager he wants to be. I doubt the Cubs management is “thrilled” over Dale Sveum so it could be interesting to see what could happen.

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