Roger Clemens Wants To Pitch Against Playoffs Contender

By gilgerard
Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Roger Clemens is making waves again, although this time it has nothing to do with PEDs. Roger Clenens supposedly wants to return to the big leagues for the Houston Astros, but will only do so if he has the chance to pitch against a contender.

“I can tell you right now and they would know, too, that if I was going to go do it, I am going to pitch against a contender, that’s who I want to knock out,” Clemens told Houston television station KRIV. “Why would I want to waste my time running around and getting in shape. I get over to Minute Maid (Park), I’ll crank it up and get it over 90 for a contender. We’ll knock them right out of the playoffs. That would be the fun. Pitching against somebody that’s not in contention wouldn’t be any fun for me.”

Well ladies and gentleman, it’s easy to figure out WHY Roger Clemens would want to appear in a big league game this year, the question is simply: is he still good enough?

Look- PEDs or not, Clemens is one of the best pitchers in the history of the game. He doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone, and yet he’s putting his body through things most 50 year olds can’t physically do. He’s thrown pretty well in his independent league games so I actually think he’d be just fine.

It would also help the Astros sell some tickets. They’re incredibly bad this year, and if it weren’t for the Chicago Cubs– they’d be far and away the worst team in baseball (I’m just a bitter Cubs fan I guess).

All in all, I’d love to see Roger Clemens back on a big league mound in a playoff chase. Why not?

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