A John Mayberry, Jr. & Domonic Brown Platoon Would Work Nicely in 2013

By Cody Swartz
Howard Smith – US PRESSWIRE

The Philadelphia Phillies will be on the market for some free agent outfielders this winter, considering they squeezed a productive season out of 34-year-old Juan Pierre on a one-year deal and they just traded away All-Stars Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence.

There’s always the chance the Phillies go all in and sign a big-name player like Josh Hamilton. GM Ruben Amaro, Jr. has never been afraid to take a gamble on a star player, even though Hamilton would probably cost about $120 million over a six year deal.

Then again, the Phillies may choose to go within their own organization, and a platoon of Domonic Brown and John Mayberry, Jr. in left field doesn’t sound too enticing, but it could work nicely. It’s pretty obvious that Brown isn’t the player the Phillies thought he was when he was named the fourth overall prospect in baseball back before the 2010 season, and at this point, they’ll take what they can get from Brown.

Mayberry has had his ups and downs, and he’s probably not someone I would want starting regularly considering he tends to get exposed against right-handed pitchers. But as a platoon duo, the pair could work well.

Brown is hitting .254 with two home runs this year, and while he actually has an OPS significantly higher against lefties, it’s such a small sample size. For his career, Brown is a much better hitter against righties, although the fact that he has shown great improvement against lefties is very satisfying to see.

And Mayberry torches lefties and struggles mightily against righties, so a platoon of the two would really work well. It really wouldn’t be too unreasonable to expect the duo to combine for 25-30 home runs and 80-90 RBIs in 550 plate appearances as a platoon, and that’s not bad for two players each making around the major league minimum.

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