Major League Baseball Unveils 2013 Schedule

By Ryan Gaydos

On Wednesday, Major League Baseball unveiled its tentative 2013 baseball schedule. The schedule includes the Houston Astros‘ shift to the American League West as well as the games slated for the World Baseball Classic. With the Astros moving to the AL West, it will eliminate set ‘interleague’ play as it seems there would be an interleague game everyday.

March 31 will feature Sunday Night’s Baseball Opener between two undetermined teams. April 1 will feature the Cincinnati Reds taking on the Los Angeles Angels. It will be the first time the Reds face off against an American League team in its opener.

The season will conclude on Sept. 29, five days before the 2012 season ends.

The Astros’ move to the American League makes 15 teams in both the American and National Leagues. The team will start the first of 15 straight divisional opponents on April 2, when they starts a series with the Texas Rangers. The Astros will have NL Central opponents this year, though. The team faces the Pittsburgh Pirates (May 17-19), Chicago Cubs (June 21-23), Milwaukee Brewers (June 18-20) and St. Louis Cardinals twice (June 25-26, July 9-10).

Other additional facts about the 2013 MLB Schedule include each club playing at least 66 games against non-divisional league opponents. Each club will play 20 interleague games with May 27 starting the interleague series week featuring teams playing against prime rivals.

The Miami Marlins and manager Ozzie Guillen will be heading to U.S. Cellular Field to play the Chicago White Sox on May 24. The New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers will also play two series: one in June and the other in July. It will be the first time the Dodgers play the Yankees since their move from Brooklyn in 1958.

The Dodgers will also be hosting the Tampa Bay Rays Aug. 9-11.

As for the Yankees, they start their season against the Boston Red Sox April 1.

Finally, this year’s World Baseball Classic will expand the field to 28 nations. The first qualifier starts Sept. 19, leading up to the tournament in March. Japan has won it twice.

It looks like with the expansion of interleague play, it will create a far more interesting season.

Which match-up are you looking forward to?

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