MetsFansRants: No Magic For Dickey, Mets on This Historic Night

By Craig Moir
Anthony Gruppuso-US Presswire

Eleven years ago, I woke up to one of this country’s iconic landmarks billowing with flames from the first plane that struck the Twin Towers.  As I stared in awe and anger at what was happening, the second plane struck and the pit of my stomach churned like never before.  I remember that day as it was yesterday and I do not think anything can take that feeling away.

There have been many moments in the sports world since then that can merely ease our minds of that horrific moment.  But all things in perspective, nothing in sports can ever erase that nightmarish act and soothe the ones that lost so many loved ones.  Not Mike Piazza’s homer when baseball resumed, or even if R.A Dickey pitched a perfect game for the New York Mets this evening.  Yet life has to move on, and we will never forget.

Dickey did not pitch a perfect game tonight and could not even get enough offense from his team once again to  match Gio Gonzalez with a MLB leading 19th win.  Instead on this historic night, when the Mets honored the fallen and the brave while wearing agency hats from New York during batting practice and the national anthem, Dickey lost his fifth game of this season after pitching 7 good innings.

The Mets did break a streak of 110 innings without scoring more than one run which spanned a months’ time, nearly catching the 1909 White Sox at 119 innings.  That record will be safe for a long time being there are not that many innings left in this month for the Mets to attempt it again.  Something has got to give with these Mets in the offseason.  Somehow, some way, Sandy Alderson has to come up with two MLB caliber outfielders and possibly another catcher to replace Josh Thole.  Otherwise, nobody can guarantee that the record will not fall next year.


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