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VIDEO: Mike Francesa Falls Asleep On the Air, Awakens Looking Panicked

Mike Francesa might need to start catching a cat-nap before his show begins each day.

When you are you arguably the biggest name in New York sports radio, a lot of people pay attention to what you say. But when your show is simulcast on the YES network, those people also get a glimpse at what you are doing. Falling asleep while on the air with a guest probably ranks low on the list of things you want them to see.

Francesa was in the middle of an interview with WFAN’s Sweeny Murti, who was seemingly rambling endlessly about the lack of luster on the late season Boston Red Sox - New York Yankees series this year.

While Murti continued his monotonous soliloquy, Francesa’s eyes slowly began to shut, followed by the inevitable head droop. Just as Murti happened to say Francesa’s name in the midst of his wrap-up, Mike quickly comes to his senses, and has what is probably one of the most hilarious “Oh Crap!” looks ever seen.

Once Francesa realizes his mid-show slumber, you can see him look a little panicked, as he seems to try to find his place in the show.

I feel more sorry for Murti than I do for Francesa. Having a host nod off while you speak on his show isn’t exactly the greatest endorsement in the world. But then again, the Red Sox and Yankees are putting a lot of people to sleep lately.

Perhaps the makers of Red Bull should approach Francesa for an endorsement deal, complete with a daily supply of the product.