Boston Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine Explains "Weakest Team" Comments

By Paul Mroczka
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine’s comments on his BoSox team being the “weakest in history” were heard around Red Sox Nation. Valentine explained today his “weakest” evaluation was not based on player talent but on injuries and the fact that the Triple-A Red Sox were still engaged in the minor playoffs, which means Boston’s MLB team has had very little help from the minor league club.

Valentine, who has been the vortex of a load of controversy, which is often a result of comments he has made, tried to soften his latest observations. The manager, who is in his first year with the Red Sox, said earlier this week, “This is the weakest roster we’ve ever had in September in the history of baseball. It could use help everywhere.”

Today at the end of his pregame media Q and A Valentine tried to clarify his comments, explaining, “The other day when I made a comment about our September roster, that wasn’t meant to be a criticism of any players or anything in the organization. It’s a statement of fact because of the injuries and our Triple-A team in the playoffs.” He then noted, “This is different. We have less people than most September rosters.”

The Red Sox had the chance to sweep the Toronto Blue Jays today, which would have been their first sweep since June, but fell short, losing to the Jays 5-0. Boston is in last place in the AL East and has one of the worst records in the league. Their record stands at 66-81, leaving only the Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Indians with worse records.

Although Valentine tried to soften his most recent comments, he still finds himself in the doghouse as he’s led what is a talented Red Sox team to one of its worst records in decades. Right now the team’s winning percentage stands at .452. In 1992 they finished at .451 (73-89) under manager Butch Hobson. That season they finished 7th (last) in the AL East.

Can this team manage eight more wins to finish better than that 1992 team? With only nine games left in the season, chances are they will finish below the .451 mark. You’d need to go back to the mid-1960s to find a Red Sox team that finished with such a poor record. It’s certainly lean times for Red Sox fans.

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