MLB Playoffs: Texas Rangers Hold Destiny In Their Own Hands

By gilgerard

The Texas Rangers have been to the last two World Series and have come up short both times. This time, I believe they are primed  to win their first world series title, and they hold their own destiny. When you take a deep look at how the team is configured, you’ll notice that this team is deeper than it has been. They have the abliity to throw a shut down guy (I still believe in Yu Darvish) throughout the playoffs, and I believe that hurt them in the last 2 Octobers. When you look at the MLB Playoffs this year, the Rangers should have home field which is why I believe they represent the AL once again. Sure, it’s a toss up in the world series because the NL holds the home field advantage but still.

The Texas Rangers can hit, they can pitch, they have a good bullpen. They can beat you with their legs, and they have guys that can bomb away. Would you want to face Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler at the top of the order? They both can steal a base when they want to and Kinsler can hurt you with power. After they set the table, the Rangers have Adrian Beltre, and Josh Hamilton waiting to clear it. The Rangers than have guys like David Murphy (who is having a great year) at the bottom of the order who are more than capable of doing damage.

Look- the Rangers are going to get in, at least I think so. We all want to talk about the Oakland A’ and yes- they’ve played inspiring, fun to watch baseball. But the A’s do NOT have the talent the Rangers do. The only way Oakland wins the division is if the Rangers go on a Boston Red Sox like travesty slump for the last 2 weeks. Can that happen? Sure. Will it? I don’t think so.

This year? All the right pieces are in play. It’s up to the players to get it done this year. No excuses.

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