MLB Chicago White Sox

Gordon Beckham Is Key To The White Sox Playoff Chances


Gordon Beckham has been a major disappointment after his rookie year, but he has the chance to redeem himself for the Chicago White Sox. I’m going to tell you why G-Becks is the key to the White Sox march to the postseason. If Becks doesn’t hit, the White Sox will NOT get in. Yes. I’m serious.

Why am I saying this? The White Sox don’t get a ton of production down in the order, and they’re going to need extra runs down the stretch. Gordon Beckham has the ability to be a major run producer, and the White Sox need it. The Detroit Tigers (in my opinion) are the favorite to win the division even though they’ve been trailing the White Sox all year. Max Scherzer has come on really strong, and they have a guy named Justin Verlander at the top of the rotation so they’re obviously set there. The Tigers can hit and they’re starting to get really hot. The White Sox have been a little up and down over the last 6-8 weeks, and they’ll need to play better baseball if they want to hang on.

I’ve been a Beckham supporter for a long time. I’m not giving up my hope that his natural talent will shine- at some point here. If he can start hitting for power, and driving in some runs down there, it’s going to make a good lineup- GREAT. If the pitching staff knows their offense is going to hit, it’s going to let them attack the strike zone and that’s going to help confidence. If a team doesn’t score runs, pitchers make mistakes because they feel like they need to be perfect on every pitch.

If Beckham can hit, it’ll take pressure off a very good top of the order AND will allow those guys to do what they do best- drive runs in.

The White Sox NEED Gordon Beckham. I hope they get the good version. Or…at least the better.