MLB Rumors: Are the Yankees Planning on Signing Josh Hamilton?

By gilgerard

No one can fault anyone for thinking the New York Yankees are going to be interested in Josh Hamilton this offseason. After all, the Yankees are the kings of owning all MLB Rumors during any offseason, right? Well, this is one rumor that I don’t think will ever be true. I think Josh Hamilton should be courted by every MLB team because I think he’s that good. However, I don’t think the Yankees are willing to give the Texas Rangers star the years he wants, and I don’t think they want to spend the kind of money on Hamilton due to Hamilton’s cloudy past.

The Yankees can do whatever they want, but they have consistently talked about letting the payroll come down a bit. Signing Hamilton changes that philosophy and I’m not sure that’s where they want to go. Keep in mind that the Yankees also have to re-sign Robinson Cano and that will be a monster deal, so why make a run at Hamilton too?

I do think the Yankees would be dominant with Hamilton in the middle of Cano and Mark Teixeira, but I think the Yankees have the flexibility to make their team better by spreading the wealth around. I think they need a solid number 2 behind CC Sabathia and will likely need another bullpen arm. They’ll have to figure out what they want to do with Nick Swisher and they do have some decisions to make with their young talent.

I’m just not sure New York City is a good place for Josh Hamilton and I don’t know if Josh Hamilton is a fit for the New York Yankees. Either way, it’s still the Yankees and they have a knack for pulling some rabbits out of their hats.

We’ll see what happens.

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