MLB Rumors: Will the Braves Get Rid of Brian McCann This Offseason?

By gilgerard

The Atlanta Braves have had a powerful catcher by the name of Brian McCann for several years. He’s been a middle of the order staple, an all star and a very solid defensive catcher/game caller for the team. Over the last two years, McCann has been–let’s put it this way: not good. MLB rumors could have the Braves ditching McCann this offseason and I think that’s a good move.

I’m not sure whether it’s by cutting him or trading him, but I don’t see how McCann has a future with the Braves if he’s not going to produce like he has in years before. I think McCann has done great things for the organization and I think it could be time to throw him on the block and see what you can get.

The Braves are not far away from being a World Series contender for a long time (again), and I think freeing up the money (if traded) or opening the spot would allow management to get someone better, which will be a better short AND long term solution. I respect what McCann is done, but you can’t have a guy making the money he’s making be sent to pinch hitting duties. That’s just bad payroll management and it has to be considered.

The Braves are a classy organization. I’ve always respected them from afar and frankly, the best thing they can do is put the team first and the relationship with McCann second.

We’ll see what happens, but I expect the Braves to make the hard decision if that’s indeed what they feel is right.

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