MLB Rumors: New York Mets Willing To Trade Ike Davis, Lucas Duda?

By Ryan Gaydos

The New York Mets did not really have a hope of winning a championship this season. The only bright spot on the team has been R.A. Dickey and he is an NL Cy Young award contender. With the offseason looming, the Mets have an important decision to make with third baseman David Wright. Could that be the reason why the Mets are considering trading first baseman Ike Davis and outfielder Lucas Duda?

Both Duda and Davis have added minimal power to the Mets this season. Duda has hit 14 home runs while Davis has hit 27 homers. Although Davis is considered to be the better first baseman, Duda can play the position as well as the right field spot. However, the Mets are reportedly growing impatient with Davis’ attitude toward the coaching staff and are worried that he may do a little too much partying after the games.

Davis is batting .223/.302/.444 this season with the aforementioned 27 home runs and 81 RBI.

Duda is batting .246/.331/.402 this season with 14 homers and 54 RBI. Duda has also recorded 15 doubles this season.

With all this being said, it is unlikely that the Mets will try to force either Davis or Duda, even though it looks like Davis would be the one traded before Duda. However, if the right deal came by with the right player, the Mets would definitely have to jump on the offer. You might see the Cleveland Indians, Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox or the Miami Marlins try to jump on the deal.

The team has Davis under control until 2016.

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