New York Mets Fail to Get R.A. Dickey 19th Win (Again)

By lauraludlum

For the second straight start R.A. Dickey was unable to collect his 19th win of the season.

With the season coming to an end shortly, Dickey is running out of time to become a 20 game winner, but he already has done more than enough to deserve it.  I know he can’t (or won’t) say it, but the New York Mets are letting him down in a big way.

Last night the team only managed to scrounge up one run.  Dickey’s start before that they only got two men across the plate while it mattered.

Being at both of Dickey’s last starts, I could see the frustration of Dickey beginning to come out.  In the fifth inning Jimmy Rollins hit a ball which went under review to determine if it was a home run.  While the umps were off the field reviewing the tape, Dickey kept throwing pitches.  They had to have been the fastest he’s thrown the ball all season.

Once determined a home run, Dickey then took the ball and threw it in the direction of the ball boy, as he let out a yell.

I understand that to most this isn’t a big deal.  But all season long Dickey has been the most calm, mild mannered, respectful player that the game has seen.  To see him lose his temper, even just that little bit, is incredibly out of the norm.

The only bright spot in the loss is that Dickey recorded his 200th strikeout of the season.

Dickey has three more scheduled starts before the season ends.  The Mets need to pull together and do whatever they can to get these wins for him.


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