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Baltimore Orioles Survive 18 Innings, Win Again

Who are these guys?

The Baltimore Orioles have done it again – beating the Seattle Mariners 4-2 in a game that took 18 innings and lasted for 5 hours and 44 minutes. They are now tied atop the American League East and are 20 games over .500 for the first time since the last day of the 1997 season.

Not only are the Orioles now tied for the division lead with the New York Yankees, they also maintained a three game lead over the Los Angeles Angels in the wild-card race.

The success that this team has in extra-inning games might be one of the biggest factors keeping them in the playoff hunt. They have now won 14 straight extra-inning games, which happens to be the longest extra-inning win streak since the 1949 Cleveland Indians won 19 straight.

Overall, the Orioles are 14-2 in extra-inning games so far this season and have actually gone 9-0 on the road.

That 1949 Indians team, by the way, ended up going 89-65 (.578 win percent), in what was then a 154 game season, and finished third overall out of the eight teams they were competing with.

Overall, the Orioles are 14-2 in extra-inning games so far this season and have actually gone 9-0 on the road.

So again I ask; who are these guys?

Well, they are certainly a team that won’t be denied a victory – that much is certain. They are also a team that is mentally and physically tough to have stayed focused enough to play the entire 18 innings last night and walk away victorious.

Matt Wieters ended up catching the entire game and manager Buck Showalter said this about him: ”I can’t tell everyone how challenging it is to catch a game like that, make that many decisions and be right so often.”

I like how Showalter mentions the whole “right so often” aspect of being a catcher because a catcher impacts the game a great amount more than some people realize. Especially when you have a catcher like Wieters who is as intelligent and physically gifted as any other catcher in the game today – I’m pretty sure there’s not a team out there that wouldn’t jump at the chance to have him on their team.

So who are these guys, once more?

They are the Baltimore Orioles and they are finally relevant again.