Boston Red Sox Tampa Bay Rays Spoilers for a Second Time

By Paul Mroczka

This is what proud players like Boston Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury live for—spoiling it for a team like the Tampa Bay Rays. The Red Sox are going nowhere and they want to make sure some of the top teams in their division also follow the same route. With that in mind, Boston has won two straight.

On Monday in Tampa Bay, they beat the Rays 5-2. They managed 5 runs on 6 hits. Ellsbury went 3 for 5 and had a homerun. The Rays managed to get just 2 runs on their 6 hits. Starting pitcher Aaron Cook (4-10) allowed just 1 run on 5 hits. It was a sweet victory for the Red Sox.

On Tuesday, Boston turned it up after the Rays went ahead 3-0 in the third. Felix Doubront (11-9), who has struggled in the second-half of the season, did a solid job of keeping himself together after a rocky third inning. He struck out 5 and walked the same number. Doubront has shown a lot of promise this season and looks to be in the rotation next year.

The big hitter in the game was Ryan Lavarnway who went 2 for 3 and had 2 RBI. Cody Ross, who scored 2 runs, was 2 of 4. Boston beat Tampa Bay 7-5 and moved percentage points ahead of the Toronto Blue Jays in the AL East.

Although the Red Sox are going nowhere, they have not given up. They are playing with purpose after manager Bobby Valentine declared them the worst team in baseball history. Maybe they are trying to disprove his pronouncement. Spoiling a possible postseason bid by the Rays, Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees is the best that any Red Sox fan can hope for at this point in the season.

It’s hard to say what the team will look like next season. I doubt that Bobby Valentine will be back. If he is then that will be his last chance for sure. It would be wonderful to see a Red Sox club managed by a smart guy who knows baseball and understands how to work with players. That ain’t Valentine.

The Red Sox play Tampa Bay tonight. After that they play the Baltimore Orioles in a total of 6 games over two series, Tampa Bay for 2 more games and the Yankees for 3. All three of the final teams Boston faces have a chance at the postseason. The Red Sox can knock any club they face out of the post season.

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