Is Ike Davis the New York Mets Resident Party Boy?

By lauraludlum
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The New York Mets have become such a joke of a baseball team this season that they are actually letting all the rumors about Ike Davis’ partying ways become a story to take away focus from their pitiful season.

A “baseball source” told ESPN that the Mets were open to trade Davis because he is out too late after games.

Ike has since fired back pointing out that he shows up every day to play.  He also questioned the definition of late, as someone who gets up at 6 a.m. for work might define it differently than a baseball player.

After doing some super stealthy stalking via Google, the only images of Ike Davis potentially under the influence of anything is one picture with a red solo cup in his hand, and one other picture from what I hope is a past Halloween.  In both pictures he’s also notably younger.

Even if I did find a ton of photos of him in the clubs until the wee hours of the morning, what would it matter?  Are baseball players not allowed to have social lives?

He had a terrible ankle injury causing him to miss just about all of the season last year, which I’m sure had more to do with his lack of production this season than any late nights out.

When he finally came back this year he struggled beyond belief to find his game again.  Day in and day out he would step up to the plate, yielding little to no results.  All the while, being scrutinized by millions of fans as well as the media.  I would need a drink, too, after multiple weeks like that.

But the Mets stuck with him, and the fans stuck with him.  Working through it, Ike is currently the team leader in home runs with 27 and RBIs with 81.

This topic has never been an issue, so I don’t know why it would become one now.  Especially when, let’s be honest, half of the Mets could show up to the park half in the bag and it wouldn’t affect the outcome of the game.

I guess any press that takes away from the fact that the Mets are 15 games under .500 is good press.


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