Mets Fan who was Banned for Life: Smartest Fan Yet

By lauraludlum
Anthony Grupusso-US PRESSWIRE


Last week I did a write up about how New York Mets fan, Rafael Diaz, was banned for life from Citi Field after he ran onto the field while the team was celebrating Johan Santana’s no-hitter.

Well played, Rafael, well played.

In hindsight it was probably the smartest thing he could have done.  Watching the Mets is torture these days, yet I still find myself visiting the ball park on days that R.A. Dickey is pitching (mind you I do not pay for the tickets or drive to the stadium, so my effort put forth is minimal).  Upon leaving the stadium after another loss, I question how I let myself waste those hours of my life.

Rafael will never have to suffer through that pain again.

The Mets are just 4-23 at home since the All Star break.  That is four wins in two months!

Pending the biggest comeback of the year, they are on their way to being 4-24 tonight after they let up eight runs to the Philadelphia Phillies in the first inning.  Seven of those runs charged to Jeremy Hefner, who was taken out of the game before recording one out.

The Mets really need to consider offering fans some amazing packages (buy one ticket, get twenty free) if they want any of these seats filled for the last of the home games.

Then we can all hold hands and run on to the field together.


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