MetsFansRants: The New York Mets Have Quit on Collins and the Fans

By Craig Moir
Steve Mitchell-US Presswire

The New York Mets are far and away the worst team I have ever recalled watching in a MLB season.  This team in the second half has looked beaten, battered and outmatched at the plate more than some of the most anemic offenses that we have seen in recent memory from the Houston Astros and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Terry Collins has repeatedly been asked in every press conference after the game and in his weekly call-in to the Mike Francessa show on WFAN-660 New York whether or not this team has quit.  Can we please just stop asking the question already?

It is more than evident that this Mets team, save for a couple of individuals, has completely quit on not only Collins, but the fans themselves.  Is it really fair to keep battering Collins into oblivion with something so obvious?  Can’t the media asking the question come up with something original?

After tonight’s 16-1 drubbing at the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies in which it took Jeremy Hefner until the eight batter to record an out, the couple thousand fans in the seats, if that many, might as well have just walked out the doors.

Collins, when asked again if his team has quit, finally came out and said, “You have to ask them, I don’t want to say publicly.”  Are you kidding me?  That should be the final answer to the repetitive question.

This team quit sometime between the All-Star break and the trade deadline when it was evident that Fred and Jeff Wilpon and Sandy Alderson decided not to give the Mets help when the season could have been saved.  Except for R.A Dickey, Matt Harvey and Ike Davis(in between partying), no other Met has shown the fortitude to continue.

Citi Field has produced record lows for home games in the Mets history, and one can even say that the 1962 team that lost 120 games was probably more entertaining than this squad.  Now, Collins is putting the onus on his players and has quit himself.  There is nothing more he can say or do and once a manager loses his players, a change needs to be made.

I have been a supporter of Collins up until this point in his tenure with the Mets, but the wise thing for ownership to do is bring in another skipper to lead this club.  The Mets have become a joke.  Their hitters look like they belong in single-A and it doesn’t matter what the pitching staff does, it will only get worse unless change happens.

The only question that really needs to be asked for the remainder of the season is why are any fans at all bothering to waste their time and energy following a team and going to Citi Field when this team has so publicly quit on the ones who support them the most, its fans.


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