Cincinnati Reds: More Various Musings and Pontifications

By Jeff Gray
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

In yesterday’s edition of my musings and pontifications, I looked at a few areas that intrigued me about the Cincinnati Reds.  Because I am such an intriguing kind of guy, a second edition of my ramblings became a necessity.

-First off congratulations to the entire Cincinnati Reds’ organization for securing their second playoff spot in three years yesterday with the win over the Chicago Cubs, 5-3.

-Secondly, it is good news to hear that manager Dusty Baker will be returning to the team on Friday after spending some time in the hospital for heart irregularities.  Prayfully, he will be able to control the problem and be back to a normal life.

-Sure was great to see the old Johnny Cueto back yesterday.  After taking three games off to, well, lose, Cueto, the ace of the Cincinnati Reds, threw shut down ball and finally picked up his 18th win of the season.  He still had some control problems (4 walks), but held the Cubs scoreless for 6 innings and lowered his ERA to 2.84.

-Let’s stay with Cueto.  He will have, more than likely, two more starts.  I submit that if he picks up win number 19, let him go for number 20.  If not, sit him on his last start for the much needed rest and for the playoffs that are to come.

-The Cincinnati Reds are looking to be only the 8th team in league history to have 5 starters with 30 games started each.  That is an amazing feat and testament to their conditioning and, well let’s be honest, luck.

-The victory yesterday came with a AA squad on the field.  That was a nice way to seal a playoff spot.  Only Cueto and Ryan Hanigan were in the lineup that are considered everyday players for the Reds.

-Even with the recent slump and lack of playing time for Todd Frazier, he’s still most deserving of NL Rookie of the Year award.

-Final question for the readers….Will the Cincinnati Reds be the favorite from the NL to be in the World Series?  If so, can they win it all?

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