If Boston Red Sox Fire Bobby Valentine, Who Will Manage Sox?

By Paul Mroczka
Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

The Bobby Valentine-managed Boston Red Sox are just a few weeks away from the end of their 2012 season. We know the Red Sox under Valentine will post a losing record. That’s a certainty. But what is not certain is who will manage the team in 2013. Valentine is supposed to do so, but will he be fired once the season ends, as many think he will and many more are wondering? I’m going to say that Valentine will lose his job. With that premise established let’s consider who might replace him.

Tim Bogar is someone I suggested even during this season. He has been with the Red Sox as a first and third base coach, and this season became the bench coach (one step away from being manager). Bogar is a solid baseball guy and he understands the Red Sox organization. He is a logical choice.

Joe Torre is available. He’s been working in the MLB Commissioner’s office and is interested in owning a team. This would be an interesting scenario if John Henry and company decide to sell the Red Sox. Torre could possibly be one of the owners and the manager. Of course, then who would fire him when he screws up? I guess you can fire yourself. Think of the irony of having the former “Evil Empire” skipper now at the helm of Luke Skywalker’s ship?

How about hiring another guy formerly associated with the New York YankeesLou Piniella? More irony and lots of great things to write and read about as Piniella tends to be a bastion for honest comments and often anger-inciting quotes. Lou is now working for the YES Network, but I don’t think he’d say “no” to an offer from Boston. Plus, “Lou” is a great name to say at Fenway Park with its “L” sound and long “o” sound combining to create a nice echo effect against Fenway’s Green Monster.

The final suggestion is Jason Varitek. I don’t know if it’s a good one. Tek is one tough guy and a fine leader. He knows pitchers and certainly understands the game inside out. I feel he’d relate well to the players. But he has no managerial experience and managing is, so to speak, a whole other ballgame, very different from playing. Still, there is great potential with Tek.

If the Red Sox keep Valentine, then all of this is moot. But I find that to be a ludicrous scenario. If and when Valentine is fired and chances are it will be on October 4 or 5, then the Red Sox will need to move quickly and hire someone in a day or two or 10 days at most. They desperately need someone running this team from the get-go and the manner in which they delayed hiring a manager last year after firing Terry Francona really hurt the team and organization in 2012. Hopefully they won’t repeat that mistake for 2013.

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