San Francisco Giants' Buster Posey Awarded Willie Mac Honor

By Nick Trenchard
Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

It wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone when the San Francisco Giants awarded the Willie Mac honor to one Buster Posey at AT&T Park on Friday night.  The Willie Mac Award is given to the Giants’ most inspiration player, which is voted on by players, coaches, trainers and fans.  That includes the man himself, Willie McCovey.

“I get a vote every year,” McCovey said.  “I don’t usually reveal who I voted for, but I wanted everyone to know I voted for this guy.”

The 25-year-old phenom took the podium to address the crowd before the game.

“I’m somebody the guys can look at and say, ‘He goes about his business the right way.’  I’m ready to play, and hopefully I’m a guy people can come up to and bounce stuff off of — really, be the best teammate I can be,” Posey said.

It was one of the more likely decisions for the Giants clubhouse to make.  Posey has been one of the leading forces behind the Giants surge up the NL-West standings, notching his bid for the NL MVP award along and the NL batting title, both of which he has an excellent chance of winning.  But more specifically, Posey’s contribution came after a stomach-churning collision at home plate last year that sidelined him for the greater part of the season.  His quick turnaround from a season-ending injury to an MVP-caliber season has been an inspiration the entire Giants organization, as well as the legions of fans Posey and the team.

“It was a no-brainer that he won,” special instructor Shawon Dunston said.  “What he went through? We knew he was going to win this.  I hope he gets the big award.  I hope he wins the MVP.  I hope he wins Comeback Player of the Year.  Tell him to win them all … well-deserved and a good young man.”

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