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Cincinnati Reds: What Seed Do You Want?

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Saturday night was a night of jubilant celebration for the Cincinnati Reds.  Not only was the city having a grand old time with Oktoberfest, but their beloved Reds had just clinched the division title after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-0.  On Sunday, the Reds and their fans started really looking at the seeding for the new playoff system.  Turns out, the Reds just might not want to be the #1 or #2 seeds for the playoffs.   So the question out there is, “Which seed would you rather be for the playoffs this season?”

MLB decided to switch up the baseball world by allowing one more team into the tournament.  The two wild card teams will play a one game play-in game next Saturday.  So far not a problem.  (On a side note, the addition of the extra team has created an excitement that certainly wouldn’t have been there the way the NL turned out this year.) 

The problem comes in that the #1 and #2 seeded teams will have “homefield” advantage in the strictest definition possible.  They will play 2 games on the road then 3 at home for the divisional round of the playoffs.  The #3 seed will start the series at home.

The answer to the question posed for the Cincinnati Reds is, I’d rather have the 2 games at home first.  I would think that being at home, resting in your house, betting ready for the first two games in your stadium would be more beneficial than to be on the road for the first two.  For the Reds, it poses another problem.  Homer Bailey is scheduled to be the #4 pitcher for the Reds.  In any other season, that would be great because Bailey is amazing on the road.  However, if the Reds are #1 or #2, then he will be pitching in GABP.  Now, I know he has been better lately at home, but I’d still take my chances with him on the road.

That being said, would you, then, change your rotation if you are the #1 or #2.  In other words, would the Cincinnati Reds pitch Bailey in one of the first two road games and leave Johnny Cueto or Bronson Arroyo for GABP.  You hate to leave your ace for game #3, but Cueto is amazing in GABP (Arroyo is about the same either home or away).

It’s an interesting discussion.  I’m curious what you readers think about what the Cincinnati Reds should do.  Should they continue to play the junior varsity, as they have lately, and just take their chances on a #3 seed, or, play the varsity and go for the #1 seed?