Cincinnati Reds: Yet More Musings and Pontifications

By Jeff Gray

I know that I said there would only be two editions of musings and pontifications for the Cincinnati Reds last week, but I couldn’t resist at least one more.  So…here goes.

-I really love the hooting and yelping that starts up at GABP around the 6th inning.  That started, best I can tell, with the Pittsburgh Pirates series.  Its got to be annoying for the other team.  Imagine that going on with a packed house in a playoff game.  Should be fun.

-With the day off today, it appears that Dusty Baker will be back as the manager of the Cincinnati Reds tomorrow.

Chris Speier, bench coach for the Reds, has done a fine job filling in during Baker’s absence.  I know he is open to interviewing for head manager positions when they come open during the off season, but wouldn’t you hate to see him go?

-Does anyone else love watching how animated Ryan Hanigan is behind the plate?  Who couldn’t want to throw to him?  Plus, he is #1 in the league with a pitcher’s ERA of 3.01.  He’s doing something right.

-Although I wouldn’t want to see some kind of losing streak, but it wouldn’t break my heart if the Cincinnati Reds end up with the 3 seed so they will start the playoffs at home.

Denis Phipps just crushed the ball last night in the loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.    If only he would do that more often and strike out less.  That being said, his smile in the dugout after rounding the bases was priceless.

-The starting four in the rotation for the divisional series is a done deal now.  Looks like it will line up to be Johnny Cueto, Bronson Arroyo, Mat Latos and Homer Bailey.  Mike Leake will be the odd man out in the bullpen.

-Don’t you think JJ Hoover deserves to remain on the playoff roster for the Cincinnati Reds?

-Finally, for today, watching Aroldis Chapman throw 99mph the other night was beautiful.  Now work on the control and get over 100 every now and then and the world will be right with the Cincinnati Reds.


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