MLB Power Rankings for September 24, 2012

By Marc Jenkins
Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals

MLB Power Rankings Week of September 24, 2012

With less than two weeks remaining in the 2012 Major League Baseball season playoff contending teams are desperately attempting to do whatever they can do hold on to their possibilities of competing during the postseason. Here are my power rankings for the week.


1 Washington Nationals (92-60): The Nats have already clinched a playoff spot and their magic number to claim their first NL East title is just five. (Last week #2)

2 Cincinnati Reds (92-61): The Reds went through a bit of a stumble while manager Dusty Baker was hospitalized, but they have already clinched the NL Central and are poised to make a serious run in October (Last week #1)

3 Texas Rangers (90-62): Despite a few injuries the Rangers are back to their winning ways and have put some distance between themselves and their AL West foes. (Last week #3)

4 San Francisco Giants (89-64): The Giants just keep winning no matter what, in large thanks to their superb pitching staff; they have clinched the NL West but have their sights set on bigger and better things. (Last week #5)

5 New York Yankees (88-64): The Yanks are just about all healthy and now have been playing up to their potential including an impressive seven game winning streak; they always play exceptional during the fall. (Last week #6)

6 Baltimore Orioles (87-65): Despite the Yankees impressive play the O’s aren’t going anywhere matching them step-by-step, including running their extra inning game win streak to an astounding 16 in a row. (Last week #7)

7 Atlanta Braves (88-65): The Braves continue to keep a strangle hold on the top NL Wild Card slot and it doesn’t seem as if anyone’s going to catch them. (Last week #8)

8 Oakland A’s (86-66): The A’s have stumbled as of late and lost hope at taking the AL West crown however they still have a legit chance at claiming one of the two AL Wild Card slots. (Last week #4)

9 Los Angeles Angels (84-69): The Angels are playing just as well as anyone in baseball right now however their slow beginning to the year may be the reason why Albert Puljos, Mike Trout and company miss out on the postseason. (Last week #9)

10 Tampa Bay Rays (83-70): The Rays have played much better this week after possibly blowing the postseason chances during the previous week; they still have a huge deficit to make up. (Last week #12)

11 Milwaukee Brewers (79-73): Right now no one is playing better than the Brewers; since the beginning of August they have gone an MLB best 25-7 and are right in the thick of things for the NL’s second Wild Card slot. (Last week #15)

12 St. Louis Cardinals (82-71): The Cards are hanging on to the final NL Wild Card slot and if they keep it up they could go on other run similar to last season’s. (Last week #13)

13 Chicago White Sox (81-71): The White Sox are holding tight to their AL Central lead by the skin of their teeth, currently their magic number sits at 10 but do they really want it? (Last week #10)

14 Detroit Tigers (80-72): The Tigers and White Sox are both faltering down the stretch, whichever team falters a little less will claim the NL Central division and a postseason berth; this just in Miguel Cabrera is a beast. (Last week #11)

15 Los Angeles Dodgers (79-74): Despite the additions the Dodgers made last month they just haven’t gelled yet and still find themselves struggling to enter the postseason picture. (Last week #14)

16 Arizona Diamondbacks (77-75): The Diamondbacks are still vaguely in the race for the second NL Wild Card slot but they need to win out and for everyone above them to lose just about every game. (Last week #18)

17 Philadelphia Phillies (77-76): It seems as if the Phillies late season run is over just as the consecutive season’s streak of making a postseason appearance. (Last week #16)

18 Pittsburgh Pirates (75-77): While we’re on the topic of streaks, it seems as if the Pirates consecutive season’s streak for missing the postseason and having a losing record will continue despite a tremendous first four and a half months of the year. (Last week #17)

19 San Diego Padres (73-80): The Padres are still the team no contender wants to play as they have both the ability and gumption to win any game remaining on their schedule. (Last week #19)

20 Seattle Mariners (72-81): The Mariners are the American League’s version of the Padres, their young talent is finally beginning to play well but they be able to keep some of their star vets next season. (Last week #20)

21 Kansas City Royals (70-82): The Royals are just looking to play out the remainder of the season competitively. (Last week #21)

22 New York Mets (69-83): As of late the Mets are looking as good as they did way back in May when they still were in it. (Last week #22)

23 Boston Red Sox (69-85): The Red Sox have temporarily climbed out of the AL East cellar, but can they continue to put some wins together for a fourth place finish. (Last week #24)

24 Toronto Blue Jays (66-85): Now the Blue Jays occupy the AL East basement but will they attempt to climb out or just roll over and accept it. (Last week #23)

25 Miami Marlins (66-87): Now that this awful season is almost over for the marlins the big question is how much money will they spend this coming off-season. (Last week #25)

26 Minnesota Twins (64-89): This disappointing season for the Twins is almost over but first they must deal with the Yankees beginning tonight. (Last week #27)

27 Cleveland Indians (63-90): The Indians have now taken over the AL Central cellar do they have anything left in them to crawl out or will they maintain that terrible position. (Last week #26)

28 Chicago Cubs (59-94): The Cubs have a chance to lose more than 100 games; do they have enough pride and fight in them to make sure that doesn’t happen? (Last week #28)

29 Colorado Rockies (58-94): The Rockies are another team that has a true legitimate shot at eclipsing the century mark in losses. (Last week #29)

30 Houston Astros

Joy R. Absalon-US Presswire

(50-103): With nine games left to go for the Astros and them already past 100 losses the only question left is can they go for 110? (Last week #30)

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