New York Mets Keeping Jason Bay for Another Season

By lauraludlum
Anthony Grupusso-US Presswire


According to Mike Puma of the New York Post, there is zero chance that New York Mets’ outfielder, Jason Bay, is going anywhere.

Cue angry mob.

The whole Bay situation is incredibly disheartening for me as I was a huge fan of his when he was on the Boston Red Sox.  I was very excited to see him come to New York, as I believe many were in the beginning, but yet again the MLB world watched another player cave under the pressure of the tri-state area fans and media.

To say he hasn’t delivered from day one is an understatement.  This being his third year with the team, injuries have caused him to not even complete a full season.  In 2009, his last year with the Sox, and the year before he came to New York, Bay had 119 RBI’s.  He has just 124 total in his tenure with the Mets.  He had 36 home runs in that year as well.  His home run total with the Mets since 2010? 28.

As much as fans don’t want to see him step up to the plate, the negativity and booing probably isn’t helping his mental state.  Especially when he saw how much support his teammate, Ike Davis got when he was struggling through the first half of the season.

The Mets are paying Bay $16 million next season.  No matter how bad a player is performing, to eat that salary while he plays for another team is absurd.  At least there is only one season left on his contract.

So while the situation isn’t the best, Mets fans need to move on from this issue.  Bay will be in the lineup next year.  I would doubt he would be an everyday player unless he finds his swing again.  Count him in when the Mets need some better defense in key games or the statistics are in Bay’s favor (i.e. going against Mark Buehrle).

I know at this point I’m basically standing alone, as most people have given up, but I really hope Bay comes back next season in a big way.

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