Toronto Blue Jays Slow Baltimore Orioles' First Place Run

By tomsanders
Joy R. Absalon – US PRESSWIRE

Tonight at Camden Yards, the Toronto Blue Jays played the spoiler’s role.

Six Jays’ pitchers combined to blank the Baltimore Orioles 5-0.

Aaron Laffey started and earned his fourth win of the 2012 season.

The veteran southpaw is a sentimental favorite to win a spot in the Jays’ rotation next season. He’s left-handed, has a way cool home town (Cumberland, Maryland), and came up with the Cleveland Indians, the third home team in this two-home team town. The reasons for liking certain players not having to be based on stats, or always make sense.

Knocking off the Orioles is good but, in a way,  it’s not good.

Wins have been scarce for the Jays lately and this one is especially sweet because it’s a shutout, while coming against a post-season contender.

However: each Oriole loss as the September days dwindle down to a precious few increases the New York Yankees’ chances of winning the division, and they’ve done that enough times.

If the Jays can’t win it, better the Orioles, who haven’t popped champagne corks since 1997, finish first.




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