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5 Reasons Why Miami Marlins Produced A Loser On The Field

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The Miami Marlins Did Awful This Season

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The Miami Marlins had a lot of hope for the 2012 season. The team brought in big name stars and was hoping that some of the prospects would also come through in helping the team get to the promise land and win its third World Series title in the team’s short history of existence.

However, all the hope and desire to win lasted all about two months. The season started off terribly as the Marlins opened up the new ballpark to the defending World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals but lost. That set the tone for the rest of the season. Manager Ozzie Guillen would get into trouble with comments that he made about Cuban leader Fidel Castro. There was a public outcry but Guillen survived.

The team started going down hill around June when the team recorded only eight wins and season-high 21 losses in the month after coming off a May where they were 21-8.

Miami was only sitting at 41-44 at the half way point. There was still a chance to right the ship but it never happened. Only 25 wins later, the team has given up all hope of even finishing in fourth place of the NL East. There is really no hope left as now everyone is talking about the offseason and who is going to get canned.

In this slideshow I will take you back through the season to remember what went wrong and where the team went wrong. It is not all on one person, but one person will be held responsible for this debauchery.

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Injuries were pretty important to this Marlins team. The Marlins lost two key outfielders in Emilio Bonifacio and Logan Morrison this season and were hoping to get them back but keeping them out of play will get them fresher for next season. Miami was also hoping for some extra bullpen help from Juan Carlos Oviedo when he returned from his eight week suspension but he suffered a sprain UCL which led to Tommy John surgery.

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The Marlins signed premier close Heath Bell during the offseason and expected him to be the 40+ save guy that he had been for the San Diego Padres for the past few seasons. However, Bell only recorded 19 saves due to his inconsistency in the closer role. The Marlins did not find a steady closer all season and have been switching off between Bell, Steve Cishek and Mike Dunn. The bullpen is responsible for 18 losses this season and 21 blown saves.

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Team Built With Money

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The Marlins gave out mega deals to Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Heath Bell in the offseason, something the team had never been about. It was all about spending money and trying to compete with the upper echelon of Major League Baseball. When that failed, Larry Beinfest and Dan Jennings were quick to pull the trigger dumping players that have helped the team win. Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante were dealt to Detroit while Hanley Ramirez made his way west in Los Angeles. This had to have shaken up the morale of the club.

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Ozzie Being Ozzie

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Ozzie Guillen was another reason why the team is the way it is. Controversy has surrounded him ever since he got with the team. It started when he moved Hanley Ramirez to third base without consulting him then his comments about Fidel Castro that caused an uproar with the Cuban fans the come to see Marlins game. Now, players are starting to create a mutiny against him. It is either going to be Guillen or Larry Beinfest that get the boot in the offseason and with rumors about the Marlins targeting Mike Lowell as a possible replacement for Guillen among others, it could be the manager that is held responsible for the terrible season.

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No Heart

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Lastly, you have to blame the team as a whole. There has been no heart on this team. You have Giancarlo Stanton becoming T-Rex Pennebaker from the movie Mr. 3000: hitting home runs with nobody on base. Stanton has 34 home runs but only 81 RBI. There is nobody helping this team out. The pitching is even getting atrocious making me want to throw up every time Nathan Eovaldi continues to be in the rotation. When the team had a chance to be in fourth place and turn a terrible season into a bad one, they were swept by the New York Mets and recently the Atlanta Braves kicked the bullpen over to clinch a spot in the playoffs. What a way to almost end the season.

There has been no heart on this team since May. Maybe the ugly statue in center field stole it, but in any event, if they want to win in 2013, they’re going to need to find heart somewhere.