AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout or Josh Hamilton

By Jeff Gray
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The debate has emerged throughout the baseball world as to who should win the AL MVP Award this year.  Having read the informed opinions that have been put forth, I thought it high time that I got involved in the debate and provided the final say on the matter. *

The debate has centered on should Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers or Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels win the AL MVP.  Well, I would like to throw a little monkey wrench into the debate, just for confusion’s sake.  That monkey wrench goes by the name of Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers.

The trendy pick for the AL MVP is rookie phenom, Mike Trout.  Trout has serious skills.  He is so ahead of his time in the league, there are few in the past to which he can be compared.  All he has done is hit 28 homeruns, account for 78 RBI, stolen 47 bases and his an astounding .324 batting average this season.  However, it is the wins above replacement category that has turned most of the attention to him.  He is the first to break the glass ceiling of 10.  There is no doubt Trout should be in consideration.

Hamilton is making a charge of the AL MVP award himself.  The reason I have included him in the discussion lies in his 43 homeruns (1st in the league) and his 123 RBI (2nd in the league).  An area that takes away from Hamilton being a shoe-in is his propensity to strike out, thus his batting average is a comparatively low .288.

Now Cabrera is simply on a tear.  He is in line to win the Triple Crown in baseball.  There hasn’t been a winner of the Crown since Carl Yastrzemski did it in 1967.  Cabrera right now is 1st in the league with a .329 BA, 1st in RBI with 133 and 2nd (to Hamilton) in homeruns with 42. 

Now let me finish the debate on the AL MVP.  Miguel Cabrera is your man.  C’mon should it be a discussion really based on the Triple Crown numbers?!  I know it isn’t unprecedented that the TC winner doesn’t win the MVP, but that doesn’t make it right.  To use the stolen bases (Have you seen the size of Cabrera?  No wonder he doesn’t have a large number of SB’s.) and a subjective WAR of Trout to subvert the accomplishments of Cabrera is insane. 

Let’s face it.  Miguel Cabrera is the AL MVP for the 2013 season.

Next topic.

*Note sarcasm here.


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