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MLB Rumors: Tampa Bay Rays Could Splurge For Nick Swisher?

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

The Tampa Bay Rays aren’t really known for being a destination for MLB Rumors, but I think that could seriously change this offseason. The Rays are in desperate need for a first basemen  and it’s incredibly important they address that need. Enter Nick Swisher. With the Rays likely not resigning BJ Upton, it could open up excess cash to add Swish to the team. Carlos Pena was a failure at first, and it’s time for the Rays to stop playing patty cake with their roster and make a big move.

Swisher has had several productive power seasons, and that’s something the Rays have lacked. Sure, Carlos Pena has had a few good years, but frankly; Pena doesn’t do anything else. Swisher is a run producer, and a very solid option at first, and would provide protection to Evan Longoria.

I’m not sold that Yankees are going to resign Nick Swisher, and the fact he’s comfortable in the AL East, could make it a lot easier for the Rays to take a shot. Let’s be honest, they don’t have the funds available to make a run at a guy like Josh Hamilton, but I believe they have the funds available to improve this team via free agency. They have a good system and are continuously building it up- but it won’t always allow them to compete in the tough AL East.

I think it is time for the Rays to show their fan base that they are finally going to spend some dollars, and that they will do what it takes to build a consistent world series contender. I’d love to see Swish head to Tampa, as it would send one heck of a message through the league. If they can get some consistent power from that position? Look out.