MLB Rumors: Will The Cubs Go After Dan Haren If Angels Decline His Option?

By gilgerard

The Chicago Cubs are going to have to rebuild this team from the bottom up, but that doesn’t mean Theo Epstein is going to sit on his hands while the prospect plan unfolds. In any case, relying solely on prospects to develop is risky because no one knows if those kids are going to turn into MLB players. The Cubs need starting pitching as much as anyone in the world, and Dan Haren could be an option if the Los Angeles Angels decline his option for 2013. This is why I think the Cubs will be an active team for all MLB Rumors moving forward.

Dan Haren of the Los Angeles Angels would immediately fit into the Cubs rotation with Matt Garza and Jeff Samardzjia and would help solve some of the major problems the Cubs have. I would be surprised if this happened, but I think it would make sense for the Cubs to kick the tires if it’s available. Haren is a little injury prone, but at the same time- he can still get the job done. I don’t know if it would take the Cubs as much money as one would think, but a 4 year deal around 48 million could get the job done and that would be a very favorable deal for the Cubs. It’s a shame that pitchers are just going to naturally make more, but I’m tired of watching a bad rotation.

Haren joining the club is going to be good for the long and short term. He’s relatively young still and the Cubs don’t have any names in the minors right now that are even rumored to be a part of the Cubs upper rotation so- the Cubs will have to spend money on their rotation to compete.

We’ll see what happens as the winter progresses.

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