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Re-Wright-ing Mets History; David Becomes All Time Hits Leader

Anthony Grupusso-US PRESSWIRE


The ball was hit with such velocity that by the time the sound of the crack of the bat got to the fans, it was so high that angels could see it, and so deep that the owner of that Chevy parked on 126th street is going to need to call a windshield repairman before he heads home tonight.


It was a slow dribbler down the third base line, and David Wright hustled to the bag to fully earn his record breaking hit.

The latter of course is the truth and entirely more fitting for the New York Mets.

Either way, a hit is a hit.  And with that hit in the third inning, David now owns the Mets all-time hits record surpassing Ed Kranepool.

It took David half the time (he did it in 9 years versus Ed’s 18), to reach the previous record of 1, 418.  After breaking the record, David went on to add to the record in the following inning.  He finished the game with those two hits, so the record currently stands at 1,420.

I’m glad he reached this accomplishment at Citi Field.  As many people know, Mets fans don’t have too much to be happy about this season.  Also, no matter what the record is, it’s not every day a record is broken, so it’s something exciting to witness.

Just a wise word of advice, even when prefacing it with Mets, let’s not use the term “Hit King” loosely, or better yet at all, when referring to David Wright.  But yes, David did become the Mets all time (say it with me) hit leader tonight, so congratulations to him.

I also have to give it up to (beloved) Mets field reporter, Kevin Burkhardt, who in a post-game interview asked David if he had another 1,400 hits in a Mets uniform to give the fans.  I thought Kevin did a nice job of sneaking it in there at the end, but David was quick on his feet.  His response was “I hope. That’s the goal,” as he smiled.  Well played by both Kevin and David.


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