Should the Philadelphia Phillies Pursue Michael Bourn, Josh Hamilton?

By Emily Gruver
Josh Hamilton batting TX

With the 2012 regular season coming to a close, the Philadelphia Phillies have to start thinking about who they should target during the off-season.

A few players that have been mentioned that the Phillies should pursue are Michael Bourn and Josh Hamilton because the Phillies are in need of a full-time outfielder. Both players have their positives and both have their flaws, and of course, both will have to be paid some big bucks.

Let’s start off with Bourn, a center fielder that would be a great addition to the Phillies’ lineup. Now Bourn only has nine home runs this season for the Atlanta Braves so he is not a big power hitter, but he can be the lead-off man, he can steal bases, has great speed and i consistent at the plate. If the Phillies can pick up  Bourn, I think he would make a huge impact to this team.

Now to Hamilton. This power hitter can do it all. Just by looking at his stats for this year, he could immediately make an impact for the Phillies. He has 43 home runs and 124 RBI this season, so this guy is having a monster year. There is a concern, though, and that is his past history of substance abuse. If Hamilton is still struggling with this, it would truly hurt the Phillies, but if he stays clean, he would be a huge pickup for the Phillies. If the Phillies do go after Hamilton in the off-season, it’ll be a high-risk/high-reward move. If Hamilton performs the way we know he can, the Phillies would be be one of the most exciting teams to watch and would have an incredible season.

If the Phillies can get either of these players to add to their roster, it will definitely be a huge upgrade.


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