Rookie of the Year: Who Will Win in the National League?

By Jeff Gray
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

The National League Rookie of the Year Award is fast approaching.  As of right now, this is how the candidates appear to be shaking out.

Todd FrazierCincinnati Reds.  Frazier still seems to be the frontrunner for winning the coveted award.  If you look at Triple Crown numbers among the rookies in the NL, Frazier is solidly in the lead.  Frazier finds himself ranked 5th in BA (.279), 2nd in RBI (64) and 3rd in HR (18) against the other rookies in the league.  Sure he has tailed off some over the last week, but his consistency throughout the entire season will make up for the recent slump.

Wade MileyArizona Diamondbacks.  Miley is the only pitcher in consideration, really.  He is one of the few bright spots on an otherwise lackluster team, as Miley has a 16-11 record with a 3.32 ERA.  This should make him #2 in the voting and  I think that the Diamondbacks can build around his arm.

Norichika AokiMilwaukee Brewers.  The “rookie” has been very solid for the Brew Crew and should find himself in the top 5 in the Rookie of the Year voting.  I’d put him 3rd on this list simply based on the damage he has done to the Reds this season.

Matt CarpenterSt. Louis Cardinals.  I’m sure Carpenter is destined to be a great player, but in the Rookie of the Year voting, he just doesn’t have the stats to stay with Frazier or Aoki.

-There are some late comers to the party.  Yonder Alonso (San Diego Padres) and Wilin Rosario (Colorado Rockies) are two late additions that need to also be considered.  However, I believe that consistency will win out over finishing strong this year.

Consequently, as I said halfway through the year, I still believe that Todd Frazier will be awarded Rookie of the Year in the NL this season.

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