Last Place Boston Red Sox Beat Up by Baltimore Orioles

By Paul Mroczka
John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Once again the Boston Red Sox lost. The Baltimore Orioles wasted no time; after spotting the Red Sox one run in the top of the first, Baltimore went to work in the bottom of the inning and racked up six runs on two homers, including a grand slam by Ryan Flaherty.

Flaherty, the eighth batter in the lineup, is hitting .229. After that dinger, starter Aaron Cook, who managed to get just one out while walking 3 and giving up 5 hits, was relieved by Alfredo Alceves. Alceves retired the side.

The fact is this season the Red Sox have managed to lose in every way possible. They’ve lost in early, mid, late and extra innings. At times their pitchers have given up double-digit runs; their hitters have failed to hit and their fielders have misplayed outs making them into doubles and triples. It has simply been one thing after another and tonight’s game, the first of three against the Orioles, was more of the same.

Of course there is no hope for the Red Sox to get into the postseason, but a Boston team that might prove to be spoilers could be fun to watch. That is if anyone were watching. It’s tough to watch this club. Too many things are wrong with them. Here’s one thing that’s a major problem with Boston—the lack of hope they engender. It is a hopeless team.

How hopeless are they? I started writing this article in the fourth inning, knowing full well that there was no way this team would come back. Now that’s hopeless.

Funny, it was not that long ago that a MLB club would dread meeting the Red Sox in September, especially a team that had a legitimate shot at the playoffs. This season, I’m sure the Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees and Orioles welcomed their late-season meetings with the club.

If the Red Sox lose three straight to Baltimore, they will then put themselves in a position to be spoilers for the New York Yankees. I doubt there’s much chance of them doing anything against the Bronx Bombers. But three straight loses to the Orioles will put Baltimore in great shape for a Wild Card spot and will also give them a chance at first in the AL East.

The Orioles will play their final three games against contender Tampa Bay and the Yanks will host the Red Sox. If the race stays tight a lot may be decided in the games played from October 1 through October 3. Ironically, by losing this weekend, Boston may keep the AL East and the AL Wild Card extremely interesting.

That’s the one positive thing that I can say about this team in the final week of the regular season. One other thing that I can say, I cannot imagine Boston being anything but better in 2013. Then again, I could not imagine this type of season being played out when we started back at the beginning of April. Still, I cannot imagine a worse Red Sox MLB season than 2012.

By the way, the Red Sox lost 9-1.

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