MLB Rumors: Seattle Mariners To Make A Run At BJ Upton?

By gilgerard
Jeff Griffith-US PRESSWIRE

The Seattle Mariners are decently close to being a force in the NL West. I love the arms they have coming, and obviously they have Felix Hernandez at the top. With that said, they need to heavily improve their offense and I think they should take a look at BJ Upton to start. MLB Rumors are going to have him going all over the place, but the Mariners need to get some production from their outfield which makes Upton an attractive guy.

If the Mariners sign Upton, they’ll be able to start piecing together an offense they need to compete in the AL West. Not only would he improve their offense, they wouldn’t lose much of anything defensively.

The only thing I have against this possible move is BJ Upton’s attitude. He’s never been known for having a quality team first attitude and has been benched several times due to lack of hustle. I would have to be convinced he’s ready to be a leader for me to give him the deal he’s likely to command on the open market, and he needs to be able to fit into a young clubhouse. He’s a talented guy that hasn’t realized his potential yet, but again- he has to show he wants to do that.

The Mariners have made all the right moves with their pitching. If they can start adding some of the right guys to the team offensively, they’ll be right there in the thick of things.

We’ll see what happens as the winter progresses, but I think the Mariners have to spend some money on offense.

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