MLB Rumors: Should The Chicago Cubs Focus On Jake Peavy?

By gilgerard

The Chicago Cubs need to spend some money to revamp their starting rotation and I’ve thrown out the names of Zack Greinke, Jon Lester, and Ervin Santana. A name I haven’t really touched on is Jake Peavy of the Chicago White Sox. There’s no way they’re going to pick up his option and Peavy has said he loves Chicago. Which could make the Cubs a player for him right? Jed Hoyer has come and said they’ll make the rotation a priority, but that doesn’t mean much to me until a contract is signed with anyone. With MLB Rumors certainly going to fly, should the Cubs make a run at Jake Peavy?

I’m going to tentatively say no right now. Jake Peavy will command a really high salary, and I believe he’s still a major injury risk. Even though he’s come back to be a very solid starter for the Sox, I believe his arm could fall off on any pitch and I don’t want to see the Cubs holding the bag with him. Peavy is certainly a quality starter that the Cubs could use, but I just don’t know if the Cubs are ready to take that risk. They need to spend money, but they need to do it wisely.

If the Cubs were able to land Peavy at a very acceptable salary, all bets are off. I just don’t think he’ll sign for anything under 13 million a year over 4 years which makes it incredibly tough for the Cubs to justify that kind of money right now.

We’ll see what happens, but the Cubs definitely need to do something so it wouldn’t surprise me if Jake Peavy is on their radar.

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