Rookie Mistakes Cost Toronto Blue Jays Early In 11-4 Loss

By tomsanders


John E. Sokolowski — US PRESSWIRE


The Toronto Blue Jays, their lineup dotted with rookies, have made their share of rookie mistakes in the 2012 season.

So many, for so long, that veterans Adam Lind and Omar Vizquel felt the need to enter their observations on the record.

“We need more discipline, and we need to be much smarter as a team,” Lind said in an interview appearing on the web site.

Vizquel spoke at length with Toronto Sun reporter Steve Simmons on the Jays’ casual play.

“If you make mistakes and nobody says anything about it — they just let it go — we’re going to keep making the same mistakes over and over again,” Vizquel said.

Vizquel, near the end of his time with the Jays, apologized this afternoon, but more for allowing his comments to appear in print than for trumping the authority of manager John Farrell.

Tonight, baserunning misadventures took the Jays out of a game early.

In the first inning, Brett Lawrie was doubled off second on a liner to New York Yankees’ first baseman Nick Swisher.

One frame later, Yunel Escobar strayed off third and was nailed by catcher Russell Martin as half of a strike ’em out-throw ’em out double play.

The Jays lost 11-4, but who knows what might have happened had the two early rallies not been wiped out.

More teaching goes on at the major league level now than ever before. Players are rushed to the big leagues, many before properly learning their craft in the minors.

Regardless of the explanations offered by patient managers and well-meaning coaches, September is still way too late to have rookie mistakes contribute to the loss of a winnable game.






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