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MLB Playoffs: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

US Presswire: Dennis Wierzbicki

The Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers are showing why September baseball is so exciting. It really has become one of the most exciting division races in baseball this season. Because of the constant back and forth between the White Sox and the Tigers. Something happened the other night at the White Sox game. Something that I never thought I would have heard from White Sox fans.

I was at the White Sox game on September 28th when the White Sox played the Tampa Bay Rays, and what an important game it was. The White Sox had to win this game or they could possibly find themselves 3 games out of 1st place. I wasn’t a math major in college, but being 3 games out with 4 games left to go…well the numbers don’t quite add up. Likewise the Rays still have an outside chance of slipping into the final wildcard spot, so this was just as important for them.

I was sitting and enjoying the game with my friends, shaking my head as people around me started to do the wave.  Word of advice to fans going to Sox games: You don’t do the wave at a White Sox game. It just isn’t the right thing to do and makes everyone look bad. After yelling at some people for doing the wave, I heard people cheering. I couldn’t quite understand why they were cheering since it was the middle of the inning and nothing was going on.

I turned around to look at the scoreboard, and I saw that the Tigers lost to the Minnesota Twins. Immediately after that, the scoreboard showed highlights of the Twins beating the Tigers. A loud cheer erupted from the stadium and it got me thinking. I would have never thought I would have heard any White Sox fans cheering for the Twins.

A few years ago these were the White Sox’s big enemies in the division it was the team that they could never beat. Yet here White Sox fans were cheering for the Twins to beat the Tigers. The White Sox ended up beating the Rays and were 1 game behind the Tigers for the division.

This happens in any sport when a team has to rely on another team to change their destiny.  In this last week of baseball, White Sox fans will be cheering for the Twins and the Kansas City Royals to beat the Tigers. I’m sure that Tigers are fans are cheering for the Rays to beat the Sox as well so they can win the division.

Again playoffs can make do some strange things. People do weird things to support their teams but nothing is stranger then cheering for your hated rival. You know how the old saying goes -  the enemy of my enemy is my friend.