Mark Trumbo Rediscovers His Swing

By Martin Marrufo
Jim Cowsert-US Presswire

The Los Angeles Angels’ 7-4 win over the Texas Rangers may have ended in an entirely different way if not for one Mark Trumbo.

The slugging utility man hadn’t had a multi-hit game since August 30. He hadn’t had a three-hit game since July 15. Trumbo put both droughts to rest on Friday with a three-hit, 3 RBI game. He hit two doubles and a single on the day.

The game was a radical departure from the recent norm for Trumbo, who, prior to Friday’s performance, hit safely only seven times in the month of September.

In fact, it was a callback to the early part of the season when Trumbo and teammate Mike Trout formed the formidable one-two punch called “TnT.” Both players were potential MVP candidates, but Trumbo’s numbers dropped off gradually until he entered a brutal slump near the end of July. It seemed he would never recover.

For one game, at least, it looked like Trumbo had returned to his old, hard-hitting form. The burning question in the back of everybody’s mind is whether his old swing has returned to stay.

With a double-header against Texas on Saturday followed by a three-game set against Seattle looming, the Angels will need all the hope they can get. Trumbo can be the deciding factor to put the Halos over the top if he can maintain his encouraging numbers.

As of now, it’s one of the Angels’ last hopes to keep their season alive.

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