Cincinnati Reds Lose Again

By Jeff Gray

It is becoming habit forming for the Cincinnati Reds down the stretch.  They simply cannot find their bats to push across runs.  They lost again Monday evening against the St. Louis Cardinals, 4-2.  They made Jaime Garcia look like a Cy Young Award winning pitcher, instead of the mediocre pitcher that he is. 

It’s just hard to watch this futility.  They have been anemic for the entire month of September and are showing no signs of change in the month of October.  The Red could only muster 2 runs on a night they should have been blasting the ball all over the yard.  With their A game line-up and manager Dusty Baker on the bench, they laid an egg.  To make matters worse, they could have moved into first place with the best record in baseball with 2 games to go.

In the last 10 games, the Cincinnati Reds have scored a grand total of 25 runs – 25!  They scored 14 runs in 3 of those 10 games.  That means in the other 7, they only scored 11 runs.  That is pitiful.  It’s not like they are facing the best of the best pitchers – they are just making them look like it.

The Reds are still struggling with hitting with RISP.  They have finally moved up to the middle of the pack, but that is it.

Amazingly enough, the Cincinnati Reds are actually 5-5 in those same 10 games.  That is a huge testament to their pitching.  It has been the pitching that has kept them in the games and winning – including a no hitter.

One thing is very clear for the Cincinnati Reds.  They must find the bats and find them soon or they are one and done in the playoffs regardless of the seed they end up with.  They have to have production from the big bats – Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips – or they will be watching the World Series with me, at home.

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