Los Angeles Angels' Possible Elimination a Tough Pill to Swallow

By Martin Marrufo
Jim Cowsert-US Presswire

As soon as Kendrys Morales popped up to end the Los Angeles Angels’ 8-7 loss to the Texas Rangers, I stood up and ran to the fridge for a beer. It was all I could do to stomach the horrible reality of the Angels being one game away from elimination.

It’s not quite over yet, but it would take one Major League-sized miracle for the Angels to reach the postseason. The Oakland Athletics would have to lose all three of their remaining games while the Angels sweep their final three-game series against the Seattle Mariners.

Long story short: it’s a long shot. Oakland is a great team and Seattle seems bent on doing anything it can to dent the Angels’ postseason hopes.

So with the odds stacked terribly against the Halos, it’s difficult to see a positive side to their current playoff situation.

Pondering all the positives the Angels do have—Mike Trout, Torii Hunter‘s resurgence, Kendrys Morales’s triumphant return to baseball—makes it even more difficult to watch as the playoffs slip away.

Certainly the Angels will have plenty to be optimistic about as they enter 2013. But with all the talent they brought into their 2012 campaign, to miss the playoffs is a colossal disappointment.

Among the aforementioned talent is none other than the great Hunter, whose contract expires after this season. To see Hunter potentially end his Angels career without achieving his World Series dream would be a major heartbreaker for the club and its fans.

With all the talk of heartbreak, it’s easy to forget the Angels really are still alive in this playoff race, but barely. I hope the Angels render this article moot with a miraculous comeback. But every moment until the Angels end their playoff aspirations (either through elimination or a successful final push) will be torturous as these thoughts swirl about.

The Angels’ final playoff push begins Monday at 10:10 p.m. Eastern.

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