Cincinnati Reds: Why They Will Win in the Postseason

By Jeff Gray

I spent a painstaking blog writing about why the Cincinnati Reds will lose (hitting) in the postseason (here).  Now it’s time to be more positive and make the case as to why the Reds will win in the postseason.  To make that case, I have to talk about two areas of the game – pitching and defense.

Led by Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos, Bronson Arroyo, Homer Bailey and Aroldis Chapman for the season, the Cincinnati Reds have had incredible pitching.  Part of the success has been health of the starting pitchers.  The Reds have used 6 starting pitchers the entire season.  To make that even more remarkable, the 6th was for one game – a doubleheader.  They have 4 pitchers with over 200 innings logged.  C’mon, you  have to admit that is impressive.

As a staff, the Reds are 3rd in the league in ERA with 3.38 (and that’s with half your games at the homer palace of GABP).  They are 4th in shut outs with 12.  The BAA for the Reds is .247.  Finally, they lead all of baseball in saves with 54.  As most staffs start to show fatigue during the last month of the season, the Reds have only ratcheted it up some more.  Another indication of the pitching, especially the relief pitching, is that the Reds are 32-20 in one run games.  During the month of September, the Cincinnati Reds pitching staff overcame pitiful hitting and posted a 15-11 record and had a 3rd best in the league 2.91 ERA.  That’s pitching.

The pitching for the Cincinnati Reds is what has them vying for the best record in baseball.  It’s what is going to lead them to victory in postseason play.  Just think, with the games at GABP this time of year, the ball just doesn’t carry like it does in June.  So that will make the Reds pitching that much more effective.

As far as defense is concerned, I’m just going to say it, no one can match the defense that the Cincinnati Reds put out there game after game.  They have such athleticism at every position.  They make extraordinary plays seem routine.

So, for the two reasons listed – defense and pitching – the Cincinnati Reds will be successful and will overcome their hitting woes and be winners in the post season.

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