Cincinnati Reds: Why They Won't Win in the Postseason

By Jeff Gray
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

As the Cincinnati Reds prepare to start the playoffs for the second time in three years, there are indications that they will not be long for the playoffs.  If the Reds are to be a one and done proposition, the hitting will be the downfall of the mighty Reds.

Here are the reasons hitting will spell doom for the Cincinnati Reds:

Overall, the Reds are ranked 8th in the league with a .253 BA, 3rd in homeruns with 170 and 9th in RBI at 627.  That’s not too bad.  But it is the RISP categories that the Reds struggled most.  In straight up RISP they ranked 9th with a .246 BA, but with RBI/RISP the Reds have a paltry 428 RBI which ranks them 12th.

Unfortunately, the news gets worse.  In the month of September, the Cincinnati Reds were ranked 13th in BA with a measly .230 BA.  Even worse yet, the Reds were dead last in RBI with 74, last in Runs with 78 and, very frighteningly, dead last in homeruns with 15.  For a team that has, by and large, lived off of the homerun to be successful, that last stat really gets me at my core.

Individually, if the Cincinnati Reds are to live past the divisional round of the playoffs, they are going to have to correct their hitting problems of the big three – each in a slump in varying degrees – Joey Votto, Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips.  Votto is doing fine average wise as he has a .343, but it’s his power numbers that are the problem.  He’s still sitting at ZERO HR in the month of September.  Bruce and Phillips, major cogs for the Cincinnati Reds, are falling apart.  Their averages are .228 and .198 respectively and have stuck out a combined 47 times.

It’s really quite simple.  These slumps must end soon or, it’s the hitting that will do in the Cincinnati Reds in the playoffs.

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